The Only Crypto Brokerage Where Traders Worldwide Pay no Trading Fees

Amplify Brokerage launched to the public on December 3, 2019, right after a preliminary private test to their nearly 100k pre-registrants. Amplify Brokerage brings with it an array of resources and advantages never before seen on another crypto brokerage platform. The hallmark of Amplify Brokerage is Zero Trading Fees. For the first time ever, crypto enthusiasts worldwide can reap the benefits that no-fee trading has on a portfolio. To verify Amplify’s claim, a side-by-side comparison of the same trade executed by each Amplify and Coinbase was conducted. Results proved that Amplify’s zero trading fee model put 1.4% more coin in the trader’s pocket versus Coinbase, a well-established market player. This means that Amplify Brokerage delivers on the most basic of any trader’s goals – – increasing his/her portfolio. Mission accomplished.

It’s incredible to share a real gamechanger with every crypto-enthusiast across the globe… to feel that we accomplished exactly what we set out to do… to know we never settled. Our goal was to offer an unparalleled user experience at an unparalleled value – and we did just that.” said Justin Tabb, CEO, Amplify. In addition to Zero Trading Fees on all trading pairs, Amplify boasts integrations with multiple liquidity providers, ensuring customers get the best prices on their trades. The platform is equipped with best-in-class features and analytics needed to make smart decisions and complete transactions without ever having to leave the platform. Described by users as a “one-stop shop,” Amplify Brokerage saves traders time, money and frustration.

Other Industry Leading Features Include.

  • Advanced Portfolio Management – Intel that enables informed decisions is a welcome treat in an area where the competition is sorely lacking
  • Proprietary  Profit and Loss Mechanism – Painstakingly accurate, this system empowers constant performance tracking.
  • Unbelievably Fast Onboarding – This optimizes a user’s time by bringing the trader directly to the intuitive user interface that one user called “the best I’ve seen.”

Dedicated to constant improvement, enhancements will be constantly released, including fiat on-and-offramp, automated trading and even more coins for users to trade commission-free.

Amplify Exchange is dedicated to enabling universal access to the opportunities inherent in cryptocurrency – – for each individual, on their own terms. Amplify designs every aspect of every product with as many consumer advantages as possible. Amplify Brokerage is the first release within a suite of three separate, revolutionary products designed to ultimately interconnect in a leading-edge crypto ecosystem.

If you want to experience what no trading fees means for your portfolio you can register today at