Amplify believes loyalty should be rewarded. That’s a big part of why we have decided to launch an initial roll-out to be offered ONLY to our pre-registered users. Pre-registration closes on Thursday, November 21st at 10AM EST so there is still time to become a part of this privileged group if you act quickly! 

Just jump over to to to pre-register if you have not already.

Don’t forget that those of you who have already preregistered can also reap more benefits by referring a friend.  There are quick and easy portfolio building opportunities inherent in either action – – beyond just being one of the first to experience the difference 0% trading commissions brings. 

Once you pre-register, you are rewarded with 500 AMPX (our native coin) once you officially onboard; and those pre-registrants that also refer a friend will receive another 100 AMPX when their referral officially onboards and 500 AMPX once their friend completes their first trade. 

So, hurry to preregister and/or to refer a friend before the cut-off on Thursday!!

Why an Exclusive Private Launch?

We here at Amplify always promise to be honest and transparent with you. In that spirit, we want to share everything this private launch enables us to accomplish and how we will execute it. 

Special Thank-You

As articulated above, a big impetus for offering initial access to our system exclusively to our pre-registered users – in advance of the rest of the world – gives us a way of saying thanks for having the interest in Amplify and following our journey to launch. We have had a tremendous response with nearly 100k people signing up early and we want to thank all of you for being a part of that process by inviting all pre-registered users to partake in this exclusive private rollout so you can be the first crypto traders globally to experience true commission-free trading where every trade you make incurs no additional fees above spot pricing.

Elicit Valuable Feedback

The large group of preregistered users (nearly 100k to date) is large enough for us to get significant meaningful feedback without being overwhelmed by the response. It will be invaluable insight for making any final tweaks to perfect the Amplify platform once we are able to receive feedback on what our preregistered users like and don’t like about the system. 

Manage Scaling Expectations

During the process of development, we have built custom trading simulators to simulate large volumes of trading on Amplify Exchange, but there is no substitute for the real thing. We believe even with a short, limited private launch we can accurately judge the load on the platform and scale as required before rolling out open to the world. Many exchanges have had trouble scaling and some have even had to shut down signups for months at a time, and we don’t want that to happen at Amplify Exchange, so this gives us a safe route to a stable and scalable product at open launch. 

Limited Private Launch in Two Phases

Upon validating the load and scalability requirements and evaluating initial feedback; fiat services will be rolled out within the limited private launch to verify that the load on fiat services is within expected ranges prior to the open rollout to the world. That means that Phase 1 of the initial Private Launch will offer crypto to crypto trading and once scaling requirements are firmly procured, the Amplify fiat gateway will be added.

Rollout Will Be as Easy As 1-2-3:

1. Look for Launch Day Email:  Will Include Link to Amplify Platform

On launch day all users who pre-registered before the cut-off will receive an email from Amplify with a link connected directly to your individual pre-registration profile. 

2. Click on Link: Brought to Your Onboarding Page to Complete Process

Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to our full onboarding workflow and all information you provided during pre-registration will be automatically populated making our easy onboarding process even more simple.

3. Log-In: Begin Trading!

Upon completing your onboarding, you will be among the first to have access to the all-new Amplify Brokerage Exchange Platform and Zero Commission Trading, you will now immediately be able to use the robust crypto trading services immediately upon logging in. 

What If You Didn’t Pre-Register? 

If you didn’t pre-register prior to the closing don’t worry! You can register as a new user and complete the onboarding process. Upon completion of our limited Private Offering for pre-registered users you will be notified by email that you have been granted full access to the system. You can then immediately login and trade commission free for the first time anywhere globally in the cryptocurrency space! 

We are beyond excited to be so close to launch and to have so many of you along for the ride. We are committed to providing the best trading experience at a better value than anywhere on the planet and the Amplify Brokerage is the first step in that journey.

We can’t wait to share with you the brokerage platform that offers everything you need – – in one place. Between a fiat gateway, smooth onboarding, detailed profit & loss analysis, and most importantly COMMISSION FREE TRADING, Amplify Brokerage gives you more and charges you less.