Welcome back everyone to the Amplify Whitepaper Video Series. Today we are covering one of the very exciting features within the Substratum Ecosystem and that is how SubstratumNode and Amplify Exchange work together to deliver globally unrestricted trading and freedom while rewarding participants in both SUB & AMPX tokens where appropriate.

First a quick overview of SubstratumNode:

SubstratumNode allows users all over the world to have full access to the Internet regardless of censorship in the form of digital borders placed by governments and corporations. Through the use of our CORES system the Substratum Network can route traffic clandestinely and offer the entire world access to the entire internet regardless of geolocation.

People running SubstratumNode’s can earn $SUB tokens for processing CORES packages across the internet by people using the network who want to remain clandestine or view content that is blocked in their geographical region.

Amplify will utilize the Substratum Network for unobstructed decentralization of exchange transactions. Amplify will also be the chosen exchange for monetizing the Substratum Network. With SubstratumNode configured to perform routing and consensus work for the Amplify Exchange a SubstratumNode user can choose to ear n AMPX alongside of SUB.

Users will have the option to earn AMPX by authenticating transactions to the Amplify BridgeChain in addition to the SUB coins they are earning for processing CORES packages through the Substratum Network.

Once the user has leveraged the SubstratumNode to earn coins, they will begin to see their coins accumulate on the Earnings tab.

Because Amplify allows you to connect any bank account or alternate funding method to the Exchange, users will easily be able to withdrawal their earnings from Substratum directly to the bank account or alternate funding method of their choice. Alternatively, users can move their cryptocurrency earnings to another wallet of their choosing.

Due to the interoperability with SubstratumNode, users will be able to leverage the Amplify Exchange to trade anyone regardless of censorship.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about our vision of a beautiful ecosystem of products that work perfectly together to fill all the needs of our daily digital lives in a totally unrestricted manor.

If you want more information about SubstratumNode you can visit https://substratum.net and if you would like more information about Amplify Exchange you can visit https://ampblogprod.wpengine.com where you can read our whitepaper and learn more about how Amplify will disrupt the digital currency trading market and how you can get involved.

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Until then thank you for joining us in our journey to a free and fair internet through the power of the decentralized web.