How Amplify Earns You More and Keeps Your Bottom Line In Tact

We all know that for an active trader, paying a commission on EVERY trade has a quick and sharp impact on your portfolio. This sucks. This is why we got rid of commission fees on all our trades to help preserve your portfolio!

We are proud to say that we will be the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer Zero Commission Trading Globally.

Our Zero Commission Trading structure has no additional fees above spot pricing. To show you exactly what that means let’s take a look at an example comparing Amplify Exchange with one of the leading crypto brokerages in the world, Coinbase.

Amplify Gives You 1.4% More…

On the left, you can see the spot pricing for Amplify was $8,826.80 per Bitcoin while on the right Coinbase was $8,818.40 so on the surface it appears Coinbase is $8.40 lower than Amplify but let’s take a closer look.

When you add the Coinbase fee for this transaction of $14.68, nearly 1.5% you end up with a lower final fee on Amplify Exchange thanks to our commission-free trading structure because as you see on the Amplify Order Screen there are no additional fees applied above spot pricing so you always get exactly what you are expecting from every trade.

In this instance Amplify delivered you 1.4% more Bitcoin on your transaction than you would have received at Coinbase.

When prices are the same, Amplify will always be able to deliver more digital assets compared to Coinbase because we don’t charge additional trading fees above spot pricing to our customers. Amplify believes in commission-free trading and is excited for the world to benefit from our one-of-a-kind trading venue.

Now you can see exactly what Commission Free Trading means to you as an Amplify customer.

We are excited to be able to provide this level of service and paired with deep liquidity, a smooth onboarding experience and features like Profit & Loss Analysis we believe we have the best crypto brokerage on the planet.

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