As we roll into 2020 let’s take a quick look back at the top 5 things we brought you in 2019.

5. Simple to Use Cryptocurrency Brokerage

Aren’t most cryptocurrency exchanges too hard to use? At Amplify we have delivered a simple cryptocurrency exchange that anyone can understand how to use. Our goal was the bring the simplicity of online shopping to a cryptocurrency brokerage and the testimonials we have received have confirmed that we nailed that goal.

4. True Profit & Loss Tracking

How do you know when you are making money on your trades? Most platforms out there don’t help you with this information. In fact, many offer no profit & loss tracking at all. Our Profit & Loss system lets you know how your portfolio is performing over time and we have big plans for extending this functionality in 2020 so stay tuned!

3. Insured Custody

When you deposit assets into a crypto exchange are they really safe? At Amplify the answer is yes. In 2019 we delivered a fully insured cold storage solution that makes sure your funds are always safe. Our custody solution is insured up to $100M so you can rest easy at night, your funds are 100% safe.

2. Quick & Easy Onboarding

Becoming a verified trader on other platforms is usually a long and difficult process so at Amplify we are proud that most users can become a Level 1 trader within a minute. Becoming a Level 2 trader can happen right at onboarding or you can upgrade your account later and usually happens in under 3 minutes. This seamless onboarding process makes becoming a first-time crypto trader so simple that anyone can do it. Check out this video for an overview of how to onboard.

1. Trading without Fees

And now our number 1 feature we delivered in 2019 and without question, it is Trading without Fees. Our commission-free model places the cost associated with filling your order not on you the end user but on the liquidity provider fulfilling your order. This was done by all the big retail trading firms like TD Ameritrade and e*Trade this year as well and we are pleased to be the first Cryptocurrency Exchange to offer Commission Free Trading Worldwide. If you want to learn more about how Trading without Fees earns you more Bitcoin check out this Coinbase comparison.

With no trading fees what have you got to lose?

If you aren’t an Amplify user yet head on over to and get registered to experience the Amplify Advantage. We at Amplify wish you all a Happy New Year full of happiness. We thank you for joining us on the Amplify journey as we bring you the perfect platform to Amplify your Digital Assets.