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The revolution has begun. Amplify Brokerage launched publicly on December 3, 2019 and is setting new standards in the crypto brokerage space. The platform bestows gifts on crypto enthusiasts around the world. Since every inch of our platform was designed to benefit you – – the user – – we want to be sure you are aware of the plethora of Amplify Advantages intentionally built-in to set you up for success. Let’s review some of the highlights and cover a few of the exciting things still in the pipeline, yet to come…





Trail-blazing features currently offered by Amplify Brokerage include:


Zero Trading Fees Worldwide = Puts More Coin In Your Pocket with Every Trade

To see the impact that Zero Trading Commissions have on a portfolio, the same trade was executed on Amplify Brokerage and Coinbase.

Amplify Exchange’s zero trading fees worldwide yield 1.4% more coin in your pocket versus Coinbase.

Amplify Brokerage is the only one in this market that saves you money -and- earns you more cryptocurrency on every trade worldwide.

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Simple, Intuitive Interface = Makes Crypto Trading Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

The smooth user-interface on Amplify Brokerage makes the process of buying, selling and trading digital assets as simple as shopping online.

Portfolio Performance Tracking System (coupled with Profit and Loss Calculations) consistently inform user strategies in effective ways moving forward.

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Token Burn = Increases Utility of Our Loyalty Coin, AMPX

On December 2, 2019 we burned 66.66%, of the total supply of 800M tokens to further reduce the supply of AMPX.

Amplify purposefully generated a loyalty token with a finite supply, whereby no additional ones will ever be minted.

Every product in the pipeline of our ecosystem under development is designed to expand the utility of our loyalty coin along with their other primary goals.




Amplify is constantly amping-up for tomorrow, here is just a sampling:


Referral System = Get Rewarded While Helping Others Get Involved in the Cryptosphere

Amplify will be rolling out a referral system where you can help people get involved in cryptocurrency and earn crypto while you do it. Stay tuned.

We have gotten feedback that so many of our users really like helping others learn how to get involved in cryptocurrency – – and how receiving a reward for doing that makes it even more exciting.


Fiat Gateway = Crypto + Currency Platforms Save Time, Money and Frustration

Amplify Brokerage wants to save you the time, money and confusion that comes with having to use multiple platforms.

Our Fiat on/off ramp will exponentially simplify the process of deposits and withdrawals for everyone.

Amplify Brokerage fiat support will begin with US Dollars and consistently ramp up with other currencies for optimum scaling efficiencies.

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