2020 Features you are going to LOVE

2020 is going to be an exciting year for Amplify Exchange.
Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 things you can expect from Amplify in early 2020.

5. Additional Liquidity Providers

Deep liquidity is accomplished by having multiple liquidity providers competing for YOUR business. We have done this AND at the same time we have ensured all of our partners agree to our No Trading Fee model where you the retail customer never pay fees associated with trading because the liquidity provider covers those fees for you.

In early 2020 we will be rolling out our integration with additional liquidity providers which provide you with an even better experience on the platform… This model is what allows you to earn more on every trade vs. the competition like Coinbase.

4. Advanced Profit & Loss Tracking

In 2019 we rolled out Profit & Loss Tracking that keeps you informed of how you are doing on a daily basis. By knowing how your trades are performing you can make better decisions. In 2020 we will roll out the next version of this feature providing you with trade level detail of how each trade performs which will then roll up to show you how you perform at the asset level and finally roll up to the entire portfolio performance numbers that are available now.

3. More Language Support

Currently Amplify is offered through human translation into 9 different languages but we want to do more. We believe everyone should be able to trade cryptocurrency in their native language so in early 2020 we will be implementing additional languages and additional support touchpoints like educational content and marketing emails. If you have a language you would like to be supported leave it in the comments here or open a support ticket.

2. Fiat Trading

Having a quality fiat gateway is something every crypto trader needs. In the coming weeks, early 2020, we will implement phase 1 of our fiat gateway allowing you to buy or sell Bitcoin and other digital assets using your bank account. Later in 2020 we will implement a global leader in Credit & Debit Card processing as partner so you can buy cryptocurrency using your debit or credit card.

1. Pro Exchange

And now our number 1 feature we will deliver in early 2020. Our Pro Exchange offers a paradigm shift from the way cryptocurrency trading is done on other exchanges giving you valuable insight into what you are trading and how you are trading. We are beyond excited to reveal the specifics of this to you so stay tuned because in a video coming very soon we will give you a sneak peak into the Amplify Pro Exchange.


With no trading fees what have you got to lose?

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