Today, we want to focus on what is coming up, including an update about AMPX, the Amplify Loyalty Token.

AMPX is a crucial part of Amplify’s future, and we are excited for the sale of AMPX to be a part of the platform.

  • Currently, our brokerage has zero trading fees above spot pricing and Market Makers are able to save by settling their fees in AMPX.
  • Coming soon the open market can benefit from the use of AMPX by saving on trading fees on our premium exchange product!

What Brought Us Here:

And Coming Soon:

  • List even more tokens [16 assets trading]
  • Fiat Gateways
  • The Amplify Exchange Platform
  • Interest-Bearing Accounts
  • Pro-Exchange for Institutional Trading


Learn more about when AMPX will officially be available to sell on Amplify Brokerage in this video:

We are thrilled about AMPX and all the utility it has on the Amplify platform. From helping market makers settle their fees, to ultimately fueling transactions on the exchange and pro-exchange platform, AMPX is at the heart of every Amplify Product.

We are working around the clock to bring features and products to market that will continue to accelerate our growth. Here is a look at some of the benefits and features that we have launched to give Amplify and AMPX a broad market appeal.

When can I openly trade my AMPX?

From our brokerage launch just 90 days ago we knew that for AMPX to be openly traded we needed to have the open market be able to benefit from the use of AMPX. Since our brokerage charges no trading fees we need to launch our full exchange product with the ability to use AMPX to save on trading fees, slated for Q2 2020; OR achieve $2M in daily trading volume on our brokerage to achieve deep market maker support for the token, before we can allow open trading of AMPX.

This month we will be launching an AMPX Open Launch tracker where you can check our progress towards these goals and view real-time updates of when you can actively trade your AMPX tokens. We are thankful for your excitement to use our loyalty token to save on trading fees and are taking these steps so you know exactly when that will occur!

What does this mean for me?

At Amplify, we continue to put our traders first, from being the only global zero-commission crypto trading platform to developing new features and products that allow our community to maximize their digital assets. We are so grateful to the Amplify Community for constant support as we continue to build.

We have done a lot pre and post-launch to bring a product to market that will grow trading volume fast, and we know that we will hit that goal soon. For updates, check out our Twitter feed, Telegram, Facebook, and our YouTube Channel, and the Amplify Exchange AMPX Launch Tracker coming soon.